My Platform NMO Rare Disease

Monday, November 24, 2014


I'm feeling the presence of the Lord really strong.   Living the life He has given me has taken precedence (I'm busy) lately, I sing a song everyday somewhere everyday (ASAD ministry Psalm 104:33), and my other jobs whew ...  I am so grateful for all of my blessings and at times (right now), I am overwhelmed.  Don't get me wrong I have challenges that I face daily that could quickly knock me to my knees but the good continues outweighing the bad, so I forward march.  I've come to accept that everyday will not be a sun shinning day, but after the rain we enjoy those beautiful rainbows, I welcome the rainy days (I still don't care for the thunder ; ))     
I am hosting our families' Thanksgiving Traditional dinner for all those who would come, and stopped for a minuet to worship God for bringing me this far. I feel good today, my body feels so strong.  I am able most nights to get in my bed, and sleep like a normal person.  I'm functioning I do things a little bit different but I get them done.  I was able to get the groceries (it took 3 trips to the stores) but the Lord blessed me to do it.  I know none of the things I mention are major deals but try to do them when you are unable to think, and you are in a wheel chair with limited mobility. Hey trust me it is a major deal.  I had a few minuets in between washing "the good dishes" and wiping down the cabinets to come try to express how grateful I am for all the many blessings, HE has given me.  The best of the blessings include my relationship with God, my family, extended family, friends, and our health
Love, Peace, and Happiness to all of you.  Happy Thanksgiving