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Friday, March 8, 2013

Best Day

Transplant Scripture (sent from Randy Cameron)

Philippians 2:27

New International Version (NIV)

27 Indeed he was ill, and almost died. But God had mercy on him, and not on him only but also on me, to spare me sorrow upon sorrow.

I shout every time I confess this word…

+8 day

Able to understand the cycle (refusing to accept it) the fever of unknown source causes the dehydration, drops B/P causing weakness, and then the next three hours recovering.

The pass three days the cycle has been continuous …. There is a time and a season for everything according to Ecclesiastes one cycle today, recovered in about an hour GLORY TO OUR GREAT GOD.

The day was so productive; I was able to shower, and lubricate this covering over my muscles and bones that is most commonly known as skin, so thankful Mary Kay products.

Went to the isolation rehab center and worked for 45 continuous minuets.  I know pretty impressive huh.  Spoke with my Biglil Brother who has a way of letting me be me … he had me laughing which is good free natural medicine. My middle sister called with an update on my brother in law who is recovering from a heart attack and stroke (he is their Music Minister at their church) we had a good visit and I was able to encourage her (I was so pleased that even where I am the Spirit of God can use me) agree with me for his healing Kenneth Rumper Sr.

Another blessing graced my room later Jeni the Transplant Chaplin, she was apologetic about not being here to bless the cells before transplant, I assured her God was totally in control and His divine appointment was best. We talked about how the physical issues will seep into our spiritual being and cause doubt, fear, and a sense of loneliness.  She reminded me of Psalm 23 very comforting. We had to watch my sister’s service online they live feed, and we have also had the privilege of going to our vimeo and our service because there are no Christian channels on the hospital TV. We gave her information, she was thrilled she said many people ask for resources and she has some to give Yay Dave and the Crew.

One more thing up late watching the news last night (thanks to steroids). Remember I am in Chicago (which doesn’t matter news for me ends after the weather no matter where I am) I’m wired so I watch the entire sports from hockey, to basketball, and everything in between, and then the sports guy strings me along he says you want to make sure you come back after the break for an incredible story so now I am talking to the TV to hurry on with their commercials. The story comes on about a women diagnosed with cancer with seven children who wins 20,000 my sister and begin to pray thanking God for His provisions but understand the cost of medical care will quickly consume that 20,000. I lay down to sleep. My Soldier Sista for the Savior Susan called and we go through our chatty routine, I give inside updates she gives me outside updates, and we think ok is there anything else and she says one that blessed me and she starts the sports guy story … I say oh I saw that last night she says well you know who that is I say no she says that is Hutch’s brother … WOW

 This has been the best day since having the transplant and we believe for more of the same.


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