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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Everyday Therapy


  1. So thankful for all of the therapist along the way especially the center that discharged me with the intentions for me to be mobile with the use of an electronic wheeled chair. In all fairness they were just following the closet rules and regulation they had for another disease similar to NMO.
    Cannot say enough about the transporters (truely Angels) that drove me back and forth several times from Mercy to UAMS when I was too critical to go by car. It was one of those rides that I learned about Health South Rehab in Fayetteville. The very next opportunity I had to get there I requested it. I knew I was going to be released and had no where to rehab and the caseworkers worked on Health South, they allowed me to arrive on a Sunday afternoon. Joshua drove up to the dropoff where this tiny person ("Mighty Mouse") is waiting for me with a wheel chair. I was so afraid of falling I look and say to Joshua she will not be able to handle me, he says no worry I will take care of you. He gets out of the car comes over where I am and she tells him sir park your car and get her things and bring them in I will take care of her, and I do not know how she did it but we were in the room waiting on the nurse to register me by the time Joshua came in. I knew then that I would be fine and I was.

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